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Food Safety

At Fiore Di Pasta Your Success is Ours, and it Begins with Sound Quality & Food Safety


From supply chain to finished product our highly competent Quality Assurance (QA) team ensures top quality throughout all phases of the manufacturing process.  It all starts with close collaboration between our QA and Research and Development (R&D) departments choosing the best suppliers to provide us the finest and most wholesome ingredients.  We aim at using our ingredients within 30 days of receipt given that freshness is a priority. Our in depth quality programs encompass overseeing raw material receiving and storage, ingredient prepping, in-process batching, finished product checks, and pre-outbound storage.  This robust monitoring guarantees a consistent high grade product is delivered to your table each and every time.


In an age of emerging food safety threats we protect our customers’ trademarks like our own brand thru instilling a strong food safety mentality cascaded from our COO permeating down to our frontline associates.  Providing food safety confidence is paramount to our mission.  One of the proactive ways we address this concern is through risk reduction/mitigation to help minimize any potential liabilities.  To that end, our multidisciplinary Food Safety Team leverages leadership expertise representing each department of our manufacturing operation.  Our comprehensive HACCP plans address food safety hazards, and monitor them for each of our manufacturing processes.  We dedicate an entire shift for the sole purpose of deep cleaning and sanitizing our production lines daily.  This is followed by a very thorough and detailed pre-operational inspection prior to releasing the lines for production.  Our finished products undergo microbiological testing by an independent third party.  Further safeguards include having an onsite USDA inspector presence as another set of eyes evaluating our food safety status.